To enhance the user interface of the eBay enterprise business tool where our business users use this tool daily to update their seasonal promotions, manage CMS content, upload their catalog, and localized strings.




Stakeholder Interviews (Sony, Spanx, Christopher & Bank, PetSmat, Stein Mart):

We conducted an online survey to ask right questions to solicit feedback from our current users.


Use Cases:

We created the use cases of the interactions between our business user and our system to define requirements for the tool.


User Flow:

Then, we created the user flow diagram to represent user’s activities and actions conducted by the business users.



We created a rough guide for the layout of the tool with detailed annotations.


Visual Design:

We designed the presentation layer of the tool with the eBay enterprise brand and created a HTML style guide for our front-end engineers to build.



User Testing:

We sat with our business users in front of our dev. site asking them to perform tasks.


We validated the design of the tool before releasing the features.