The Sony launch was one of the biggest project as every facet of the newly launched ebay enterprise commerce platform (ECP) would be tested: order management, web store, feeds, web services, etc. I was the lead UX manager for what was the largest ebay enterprises store migration.


Since we didn’t have a scalable process to launch the Sony project, I came up with this work flow using the JIRA tool for the user experience group to track the UX activities and deliverables.



I presented the UX & Design opportunities of the eBay enterprise commerce platform to the Sony team and played the principal UX liaison for Sony.

Analyze & Plan:

I & my team worked with Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Product Managers, Project Managers, Client Success Managers, Creative team from the 3rd party agency to define requirements for migration to the eBay enterprise commerce platform.


We created a set of Annotated Comp Documentation of Shopping Experience, My Account, Help Desk, Cart & Checkout, Store Locator including the following,

  • Design Comp — It is intended to show placement of visual elements and intended design of the final pages. Design Comps are illustrations and the final screen; however, the HTML still guide is the bible of the most updated UI elements and patterns.
  • Wireframes — web page schematics used to facilitate requirements discussions and functional mapping of capabilities considered for the site.
  • Behaviors — process flows and intended user behavior elements are illustrated and annotated to provide a framework for what and how users will interact with information and capabilities of the site.
  • Content — inventory of content elements and how they are architected around the users experience and expected work flows


During this phase, we conducted the Creative Validation while the dev. was building the site. The goal of Creative Validation is to ensure that the aesthetic presentation of the Sony web store matches the approved annotated comp documents. Creative Validation is also responsible for verifying that the Sony’s brand (i.e. font usage, color usage) is being applied consistently throughout the webstore.


During this Creative Validation phase, all pages from each annotated comp document were reviewed & tested by the creative team against ALL specified browsers.


The UX team continued to monitor JIRA during UAT, looking for any visual defects identified by the partner. If a requested visual change is within scope, the creative team will update the affected ACD and re-route it to the Project Manager for final delivery to the partner.



Sony’s ecommerce site had undergone countless iterative updates due to shifting brand positioning and marketing needs, leaving a confusing and inconsistent experience for users.


Create a site flexible enough to accommodate these shifts but consistent in its positioning of the brand and content hierarchy. Through in-depth discovery sessions with Sony, user behavior studies and usability testing, we developed a strategic architecture and site experience that seamlessly integrated brand with commerce and brand goals with user needs.

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