Business Challenge

Top Line Growth – QVC & zulily Revenue Synergies

Identify opportunities to maximize QVC & zulily revenue synergies by leveraging and sharing assets, experiences, capabilities and tools.

Long Term Strategy:  Create a highly addictive, relevant shopping experience.

  • Maximize Discovery Expose existing customers to additional product
  • Convert new customers at higher rates
  • Leverage data as an asset

Relevant Shopping Experience:

  • Highly Addictive Product Discovery based on relevance by swiping left if you don’t like and swiping right if you love
  • QVC’s persuadable audience research: people don’t have time to watch TV anymore. Also, people who like shopping for discovery like to fit it into the margins of their day, and so, when they’re grabbing a cup of coffee in line in Starbucks, they’re going to open up their app and they’re going to see what’s on QVC today
  • Short Videos: QVC produces video content 24/7, but they are 8 minutes long. The solution is to start the video where it has the highest engagement data from analytics
  • Learn habits of interest to personalize based on what videos are watched – videos now sort by priority to you; data becomes an asset to organization