Business Opportunity:

In late 2014, Apple announced the upcoming launch of their brand new Apple Watch. Our team kicked into gear to begin conceptualizing a QVC experience for this device with the goal (MVPs) to release on the day the watch officially launched to the public.

On April 24, 2015, we successfully launched our QVC experience as the watch was released to the public. We were fortunate to forge a relationship with Apple during this project and were invited on several occasions to visit their headquarters so that their team could ensure the QVC experience would properly operate on their device.

  • Push Notifications

When the customer receive the push notification to their watch, they are able to click on the QVC icon to navigate into the QVC Watch app.

  • Glance

A Glance is a way to provide the customer with important information. The customer has the ability to set Glances on their watch and scroll through them with the swipe of a finger.